(Epke x Andries)


SOLD in the Netherlands

Naam: Dieke
Geboortedatum: 10-05-2017
FPS Register: Stb
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: +/- 174
Kenmerken: Dieke is one of the prettiest mares we have had at the stables. With her tall frame and long neck, she is a very impressive horse. She had shown herself to be very smart and talented whilst being ridden and has also grained a first place during the Friesian Talent Cup selection rounds. As 4 year old she was top of the list for the PAVO Phryso Bokaal. She catches the eye with her eay walk, large trotting gait and strong canter. An impressive mare with a lot of potential!
Prestatie en Sport: L Dressage


    Beart 411 (stb sport pref)
  Epke 474 (stb sport)  
    Klaske (star)
    Andries (stb sport)
  Urdina (star)  
    Gerdina (star)