( Bartele x Abel)


SOLD to France

Naam: Dietse
Geboortedatum: 23-06-2017
FPS Register: Star
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: +/-164
Kenmerken: Dietse is a beautiful star mare with great movement and is a sweetheart when being handeld and ridden. Dietse is currently expecting a foal in 2022 from Champion Alwin 469! She has a full pedigree and all-round clean x-rays. Are you looking for a breeding mare, Dietse could be the mare you are looking for!
Prestatie en Sport:


    Onne 376
  Bente 412 (stb sport)  
    Liefke fan't Brillehof
    Abel 344
  Janke (star)  
    Marchje (star)