(Epke x Ulbert)


SOLD to the USA

Naam: Fleur
FPS Register: Registerd
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: +/- 164
Kenmerken: Fleur is a very pretty and sweet mare with a stunning head, which is the first thing you notice when entering her stable. She has her sire Epke 474 to thank for her beauty. Feya is from the star mare Wend B.L who in turn is a half sister of the stallion Alwin 469. She placed in the third category at the show in 2020, we feel she would gain a star certificate when shown a bit later on in the future. Feya is broken in and show a great temperament when being ridden, making her great for recreational riding or for the dressage ring.
Prestatie en Sport: Broken in


    Beart ( sport pref)
  Epke 474 (sport elite)  
    Klaske evaa D (star)
    Ulbert 390 (sport)
  Wendy B.L (star)  
    Waldiena B.L (star)