Stud Galloper


( Tsjerk x Anton )


2005 First place at the the regional Frisian’s breeding competition. Very successful at the IBOP in 2010. Liefke is the mother of the certified breeding stallion Bartele 472!

Naam: Liefke fan ‘t Brillehof
Geboortedatum: 11-03-2003
FPS Register: Star 1st premium
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: 1.65
Kenmerken: In 2005 Liefke won the first price at the regional breeding competition of Limburg. Liefke has the most gentle character you can imagine and is an exceptionally talented horse. She is keen to work for her rider and she is always motivated at present Liefke is performing very well in the dressage ring.
Prestatie en Sport: L2 Dressage


    Feitse 293 ( Stb Pref )
  Tsjerk 328 ( Stb Pref )  
    Wijkje ( Stb Model + Pref + Prest )
Liefke fan ‘t Brillehof    
    Anton 343 ( Stb Sport )
  Zilver Boszorg ( Stb Ster )  
    Joys Boszorg ( Stb Ster + Pref )
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