( Maeije x Felle )


SOLD to Norway

Naam: Manjefiek
Geboortedatum: 02-07-2012
FPS Register: VM B
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: 165
Kenmerken: Manjefiek is a pretty and appealing mare, who comes from an amazing pedigree on her mothers side. She is as a sweet and calm mare when being handled and is also kind to other horses. Manjefiek is a an nice smooth and easy ride and we know she will go far. She has had a recent vet check and dentist check up.
Prestatie en Sport: L level dressage


    Beart 411 ( stb sport )
  Maeije 440 ( stb sport )  
    Annegjen ( stb ster-pref 4 )
    Felle 422 ( stb sport )
  Anne Harmke ( Kroon - sport )  
    Harmke Sanne W ( Model pref )
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