( Maurus x Sape )


SOLD in the Netherlands

Naam: Rinscke
Geboortedatum: 02-04-2013
FPS Register: Vb m
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: 1.62
Kenmerken: Rinscke is a happy but above all reliable Friesian mare. With cute head and good build, she is a pleasure to watch. She is a get on and ride type of horse and is a dream to ride. Her father, the famous Maurus 441, is known for giving his offspring a great temperament. She has a wonderful pedigree and as a foal classed top in show ( 1st premie) Rinscke has a full set of recent X rays.
Prestatie en Sport: Saddle broken - B level


    Tsjalke 397 ( stb )
  Maurus 441 ( stb sport )  
    Wytske ( stb ster )
    Sape 381 ( stb sport )
  Nieske ( ster )  
    Wikje ( ster pref 4 )
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