( Wolfert x Tsjerk )


SOLD to England

Naam: Sietske
Geboortedatum: 22-04-2013
FPS Register: VB M
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: 165
Kenmerken: Sietske is a pretty and expressive mare with some very good leg work. although she had only recently been broken in she is so willing to learn that you can already just get on and ride of with her. Sietske loves attention and keeps and eye out for things going on in the stables. She is a definite prospect for the future. All-round vet check with x-rays.
Prestatie en Sport: B Level dressage


    Felle 422 ( stb sport )
  Wolfert 467 ( stb )  
    Fetske ( stb )
    Tsjerk 328 ( stb sport pref )
  Sietske ( Stb ster )  
    Eelkje ( stb ster )
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