Breeding program

( Maurus x Haitse )


SOLD in the Netherlands

Name: Speed
Date of birth: 13-06-2013
Friesian Registry System: Pedigree
Gender: Mare
Height: 164
Characteristics: Speed is a sweet-tempered mare who loves attention. She is an easy ride, combined with her sweet nature she would make an excellent addition to a family. Speed also has carting experience, and she likes to be driven out and about. She has an impressive pedigree from her mothers side and her sire the stallion Maurus 441,from who she got her sweet-temper.
Prestatie predicate and Sport predicate: B level ridden and driven


    Tsjalke 397 (stb)
  Maurus 441 (stb sport)  
    Wytske (stb ster)
    Haitse 425 (stb sport)
  Wiet van Visser (stb kroon)  
    Femke Oo (stb Kroon pref)
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