Stud Galloper


( Brandus x Tsjimme )


Talented mare with great prospects for a future in higher level dressage.

Naam: Silke v.d. Kraanmeer (Sport)
Geboortedatum: 16-07-2005
FPS Register: Star 1st premium
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: 1.66 m
Kenmerken: A 1st class mare with three wonderful gaits and a temperament to match! After her foal in 2010 Silke has been trained and competed to great success in the dressage ring. Some of her achievements: 2013 IBOP score 80, 2013 received SPORT mention, 2013 3rd place Post-Kogeko competition, level Z1, 2015 2nd place Dutch Championships KFPS outdoor, level M2, 2015 7th place Dutch Championships KNHS Hippiade, level M2, 2016 4th place Dutch Championships KFPS indoor, level Z1
Prestatie en Sport: ZZ-Licht dressage


    Reitse 272 ( Stb Sport + Pref )
  Brandus 345 ( Stb Sport + Pref )  
    Hoogheid ( Stb Ster )
Silke v.d. Kraanmeer (Sport)    
    Tsjimme 275
  Jaenske ( Stb Ster + Pref4 )  
    Diny ( Stb Ster + Pref )
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