(Epke x Andries)


SOLD to Germany

Naam: Truus
Geboortedatum: 26-06-2014
FPS Register: Stb
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: +/-165
Kenmerken: Truus is a one in a million fairytale mare, with a pretty head and a beautiful long flowing mane! At the Friesian show she was measured at 166cm tall, which really makes her an eye catcher when she enters the ring! Not only is she a beauty to the eye but she also has a very sweet temperament! Truus is currently being trained to L level dressage and has had a recent all round vet check. All in all a very pretty and sweet mare!
Prestatie en Sport: B/L level


    Beart 411 ( stb sport pref)
  Epke 474 ( stb sport)  
    Klaske (star)
    Andries ( stb sport)
  Vilo ( star)  
    Lawine ( stb pref)