( Epke x Brend )


SOLD in the Netherlands

Naam: Uniek
Geboortedatum: 01-01-2014
FPS Register: Vb m
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: 163
Kenmerken: Uniek is a sweet and pretty three year old mare with a delicate head. She had been neatly broken in and had a very sweet temper when being ridden. Her mother is a crown/sport mare for the sire Brend 413 and her sire is the well known and handsome stallion Epke 474! Uniek has recently had a full vet check and has no bad stable habits.
Prestatie en Sport: Broken in


    Beart 411 ( stb sport)
  Epke 474  
    Klaske Eva ( stb star)
    Brend 413 (stb sport)
  Trijntje ( stb crown + sport)  
    Bianca ( stb star)
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