Breeding program

(Tsjalle x Doaitsen )


SOLD to China

Name: Veerle
Date of birth: 23-05-2014
Friesian Registry System: -
Gender: Mare
Height: +/- 167
Characteristics: Veerle is a pretty and large Friesian mare with three nice gaits. Her flowing mane and tall build makes her an impressive mare to look at. She comes from a great predigree line on her mothers side and her sire is the champion Tsjalle 454! Veerle has also been out with the cart and is a nice drive. She has no bad ( stable) habits and has had an all round vet check.
Prestatie predicate and Sport predicate: B level dressage


    Mintse 384 ( stb sport)
  Tsjalle 454 ( stb sport)  
    Welmoed ( stb ster)
    Dioatsen 420 (stb sport)
  Bindi ( ster + sport)  
    Tjitske ( stb model + sport)
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