( Epke x Lolke )


SOLD in the Netherlands


Naam: Ytske
Geboortedatum: 25-04-2015
FPS Register: stb Star
Geslacht: Mare
Schofthoogte: +/- 166
Kenmerken: Ytske is a beautiful mare, with not only a good build but also great movement. This was already visible as a foal, which is why she received a 1st certification at the Friesian show. Last year she was accepted into the Friesian predigree registrary and was placed runner up for the 3 year old mares in North and South Holland. Ytske has been broken in and is showing great talent, with good gaits in walk, trot AND canter! Ytske has a great pedigree, her mother has already got 3 star offspring and will likely receive the Preferent certificate. Are you looking for a unique horse, for sport or breeding? Then Ytske is the mare you are looking for. Recent X-ray vet check
Prestatie en Sport: B dressage


    Beart 411 ( sport + pref )
  Epke 474 ( stb sport )  
    Eva ( stb star )
    Lolke 371 ( stb sport )
  Tebbe ( stb star )  
    Britta ( stb star )