Super inspectionweekend

Stoeterij Galloper had last weekend two perfect inspections at Oudkarspel and Hilvarenbeek. At saterday in Oudkarspel there was the inspection of our foals. Nynke Galloper got almost a 1st premium at 1 point. So she received a beautiful 2th premium. Mante Galloper received a beautiful 1st premium and was the vice champion of the foals stallions.

At monday we went to the inspection at Hilvarenbeek with our 2 years mare Geke Galloper. In the morning she gave a super performance in the ring. Later that day Geke may come back for the youth campionship. In wich she became the vice champion of the 2 years horses. With a 1ste premium. We are very proud at her. We prepare Geke Galloper now for the dutch championship in September at Wargea.


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