Stud Galloper


Breeding – Our vision

As our specialty focus is Friesian horses, we only select and breed with the best available bloodlines. Only carefully selected stallions are used for breeding with our high quality mares.
Using a thorough selection process we pick the strong features of the mare and match them with the best Friesian stallions using our extensive knowledge of the breed.
Genetic inheritance/legacy is taken into account resulting in a breeding pair where nothing is left to speculation.

Breeding – Not a game of chance with Galloper

Prior to the selection of suitable stallions for our mares, vast research is conducted taking the following factors into consideration;

degree of inbreeding and inherited characteristics. Stud Galloper’s ultimate aim is to breed horses that encompass all desired appearances along with the inherent talent and quality which allows for the highest level of sport performance.

Combining our passion for the Friesian breed and precise analysis; Galloper stud minimizes the game of chance when it comes to breeding the ideal horse.


Breeding goal

To breed Friesian horses with the following characteristics:

  • Exterior and movement
  • Usage
  • Vitality and health
  • Character

All these features are the foundation for the horses to succeed in:

  • Dressage
  • Carriage driving
  • Show Ring

In short, “Galloper stud has a sport loving view on Friesian horses’.