Our KFPS stallions

Wikke 404

Wikke is a luxurious en extraordinarily powerful stallion with a beautiful silhouette, front and allure. This kind and work-eager stallion has successfully completed the central performance test with a nice uniform grade list. The fact that this stallion is passing on its good features shows amongst other by the appealing results of its offspring during the descendants tests. As such, Wikke has been approved with great confidence with respect to offspring.

Amongst others his offspring the mare Trudi, CK champion in 2009, has been the living proof that his offspring are highly rated at the inspections. Many of his offspring have been gained multiple primes and are awarded  championship ribbons or other high ranks. In sports we often see Wikke’s offspring getting awarded with honors. These versatile horses excel both in dressage as in aligned sports disciplines.

Marijke Folmer has competed with Wikke up to level Z-dressage and she praises his talent for dressage. The fact that almost all contests that the duo entered into were won, is quite unique.

Nowadays Wikke also has an approved  male descendant, Aarnold 471, performance champion  in 2012. This stallion has a sharp look with an upwards build  and modern cut. Aarnold is an impressively tall horse and has a nice long foreleg. He has kinship of 16,4%. This is very appealing, due to Wikke and the stallion Jakob 302 and it’s mother’s side.

Wikke 404 is at stud de nieuwe heuvel. www.denieuweheuvel.com