Haike x Baert


SOLD in the Netherlands

Naam: Aladin
Geboortedatum: 15-02-2016
FPS Register: vb H
Geslacht: Stallion
Schofthoogte: 163
Kenmerken: Aladin is a sweet and very talented stallion. He has a powerful walk, a lifted trot and to top it of an easy canter. Although he has not been broken in for long, he has shown to be a fast learner, something that is helped by his great easy temperament. He has a cheeky side to him and is a joker in the stables, which makes him a fun horse to have around! His crown/star mothers sire is Beart 411, and Aladin is sired by Haike 482 who is now active in the USA. All in all a great Friesian stallion with a super temperament. He has had an all round vet check and gelding is an option.
Prestatie en Sport: Broken in


    Arjen 417 ( stb sport)
  Haike 482 ( stb sport)  
    Tialda ( stb star)
    Beart 411 (sport pref)
  Tiemke (crown/sport)  
    Tetje (star pref 5)