( Bente x Wikke )


SOLD in the Netherlands

Naam: Carst
Geboortedatum: 30-06-2016
FPS Register: VB Gelding
Geslacht: Gelding
Schofthoogte: +/- 163
Kenmerken: Carst is a sweet gelding who is very enchanting. He is very calm in the stables and likes getting attention. He is very friendly to other horses and is easy walk around the stables and to load for transport. Carst has a great temperament when being ridden and shows that he wants to work for his rider. This combined with his sweet nature make him a great horse for recreational riding, family horse or even in the dressage ring. He is a handsome horse who has recently had a good allround vet check with x-rays
Prestatie en Sport:


    Heinse 354 ( stb sport pref)
  Bente 412 (stb sport)  
    Lobke (star pref)
    Wikke 404 (stb sport)
  Reina BR (stb crown)  
    Agnes ( model pref)