Breeding program

(Alwin x beart )


4 year old eye catching stallion

Name: Cas
Date of birth: 26-07-2016
Friesian Registry System: vb H
Gender: stallion
Height: 164
Characteristics: Cas is an eye catching and sweet tempered stallion. He has been broken in and is currently being trained further, which he is taking well too. Cas has also been driven for a couple of months and is good natured in traffic. He is the quiet type in the stables but does like attention! Cas is a versatile stallion who would look good in the dressage ring but due to his calm nature would also be good for recreational use. Clean x-rays and no bad stable habits.
Prestatie predicate and Sport predicate: Broken in


    Felle 422 (stb sport )
  Alwin 469 ( stb sport )  
    Waldena ( ster )
    Beart 411 ( sport pref )
  Jeltsje ( stb ster )  
    Tjitske ( stb ster )