(Alwin x beart )


SOLD in the Netherlands

Naam: Cas
Geboortedatum: 26-07-2016
FPS Register: vb H
Geslacht: stallion
Schofthoogte: 164
Kenmerken: Cas is an eye catching and sweet tempered stallion. He is very good trained. Cas has also been driven for a couple of months and is good natured in traffic. He is the quiet type in the stables but does like attention! Cas is a versatile stallion who would look good in the dressage ring but due to his calm nature would also be good for recreational use. Clean x-rays and no bad stable habits.
Prestatie en Sport: L level


    Felle 422 (stb sport )
  Alwin 469 ( stb sport )  
    Waldena ( ster )
    Beart 411 ( sport pref )
  Jeltsje ( stb ster )  
    Tjitske ( stb ster )