Stud Galloper


( Sjerp x Fabe )



Naam: Geert
Geboortedatum: 20-03-2010
FPS Register: VB H
Geslacht: Gelding
Schofthoogte: 1.68 m
Kenmerken: Geert is a fair 4 years old gelding. He has many moons and a very thick tail, he is big but he grows more. Geert was as a foil the reserve champion at vrouwenpolder with a 1st premium. Everybody can ride Geert and he likes a lot of attention. Geert Likes everything so he can be ridden in the traffic. under the saddle and before the cart (in single and double ) he walks super. Geert has no stable defects, x ray approved.
Prestatie en Sport: Dressage and single/double span trained


    Tsjerk 328 ( Stb Sport )
  Sjerp 446 ( Stb Sport )  
    Gitte ( Stb Ster )
    Fabe 348 ( Stb )
  Nynke ( Stb )  
    Aafke ( Stb Ster )
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