Stud Galloper


( Onne x Tsjomme )


SOLD to Germany

Naam: Gerbrand
Geboortedatum: 05-05-2010
FPS Register: VB H
Geslacht: Stallion
Schofthoogte: 1.67 m
Kenmerken: Are you looking for a sturdy confident stallion then Gerbrand is exactly the horse which is right for you. A nice big horse and a sturdy look and not afraid of anything. Three beautiful gaits and he moves very smoothly through his body. Beautiful mane and catching head. Gerbrand comes from stam 44 with behind it a full paper. We know he is a promise for the dressage. Gerbrand is x - ray approved. Futher no stable defects, recently been to the dentist.
Prestatie en Sport: Dressage and trained for the car


    Leffert 306 ( Stb Sport )
  Onne 376 ( Stb Sport )  
    Ytsje ( Stb Ster )
    Tsjomme 329 ( Stb )
  Sanne V ( Stb Ster )  
    Tamara V ( Stb Ster )
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