( Alwin x Beart)


SOLD in the Netherlands

Naam: Hunter
Geboortedatum: 15-06-2018
FPS Register: Star
Geslacht: Stallion
Schofthoogte: +/- 164
Kenmerken: Hunter is a stunning star stallion with spectacular gaits which especially shine when seeing his leg movements in trot! He has a sweet temperament in the stables and loves attention. With his pretty head, full mane and majestic neck he really is an eye catcher. At the moment he is broken in and we are slowly training him up. This is definitley a dressage star for the future or a really cool recreational horse.
Prestatie en Sport: Broken in


    Felle 422 (sport)
  Alwin 469 (sport)  
    Waldiena B.L (stb star)
    Beart 411 sport
  Madeliene (star)  
    Inke ( star pref)