Stud Galloper


( Fede x Anton )


SOLD to The Netherlands

Naam: Siebo (Ster/Sport)
Geboortedatum: 02-03-2005
FPS Register: Foalbook Star Sport
Geslacht: Stallion
Schofthoogte: 1.64 m
Kenmerken: Siebo is a sturdy 10 years old stallion who is a super ride. When he was three years old he received the star predicate and last year he had enough level points in the Z1 class to get the sportpredicate. Siebo is a very sweet horse without stallion manners and has everything what you want of a Friesian horse. Beautiful mane, handsome head, super gaits and very honest. With his great neck and his sturdy performance his image is very impressive. This guy can do and learn a lot more. Siebo has been clinical and rontgenological tested with good results.
Prestatie en Sport: Dressage ZZ-Heavy Level


    Jelmer 297 ( Stb )
  Fede 350 ( Stb )  
    Ursel ( Stb Ster )
Siebo (Ster/Sport)    
    Anton 343 ( Stb Sport )
  Zwaantje fan't skanswyke ( Stb Ster + Pref 4 )  
    Eefke fan de Bosk ( Stb Ster )
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