Breeding program

(Felle x Olrik)


SOLD in the Netherlands

Name: Tieme
Date of birth: 07-06-2014
Friesian Registry System: VB-H
Gender: Stallion
Height: +/- 165
Characteristics: Tieme is a manly and sweet natured 4 year old Friesian looker. He is a desendant of the famous stallion Felle 422 and has a great pedigree. Tieme has been broken in and is now in dressage training. He is also shown a nack for being driven. When you are working with him he really focuses on you and is dream to work with. Tieme has had an all round vet check and could be castrated if needed.
Prestatie predicate and Sport predicate: In training


    Lolke 371
  Felle 422  
    Zorinda D ( stb sport)
    Olrik 383
  Lobke Jeltsje R ( stb star)  
    Jeltsje R ( stb star)
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