Bartele x Haitse


SOLD in the Netherlands

Naam: Udo
Geboortedatum: 11-06-2014
FPS Register: VBH
Geslacht: Stallion
Schofthoogte: 167
Kenmerken: Udo is a stunning 3 year old Friesian stallion with an amazing temperament. With such a handsome head he is a real eye catcher. Udo has been blessed with an amazing mane which will only grow in the coming years. He has 3 nice gaits and is a willing worker under the saddle, combined with his great temper, which we like to see in Friesians, he is a joy to ride. Udo has had some driving experience showing him as an allrounder. Udo has recently had a full vet check up and has no bad stable habits.
Prestatie en Sport: B-level dressage


    Onne 376 (stb sport)
  Bartele 472 (stb sport)  
    Liefke fan' the Brillehof ( stb star)
    Haitse 425 (stb sport)
  Celine (star)  
    Celina Aukje ( star)
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