Breeding program

(Aarnold x Olrik)


SOLD to China

Name: Ulrik
Date of birth: 14-04-2014
Friesian Registry System: Vb H
Gender: Stallion
Height: +/- 165
Characteristics: Ulrik is a sweet tempered stallion with very nice gaits and a pretty head. His sire is the sport stallion Aarnold 471 and he is also a descendant of the well breeding " Marksate" bloodline. In 2017 he took part in the ABFP test and scored a 70, both for the ridden and driven part. He has successfully competed in the dressage ring gaining points in the L2. Ulrik has had a recent all round vet check with X-rays which was all clear.
Prestatie predicate and Sport predicate: l2 level dressage


    Wikke 404 ( stb sport )
  Aarnold 471 ( stb sport )  
    Frieda ( stb ster )
    Olrik 383 ( stb sport )
  Ulrike ( stb ster )  
    Berber ( ster pref 4 )