( Alwin x Heinse )



Naam: Wybren
Geboortedatum: 09-05-2015
FPS Register: Star
Geslacht: Stallion
Schofthoogte: +/- 168
Kenmerken: Wybren is pretty but above all honest star stallion. He really is a get on and ride away type horse, he has great moves and is also very reliable. Wybren has his sires looks, the crowd favourite Alwin 469! Wybren has been neatly broken in and takes well to the dressage training, outside of the area he is also a good boy and has been to the woods a few times, both ridden and driven. All in all he is a very good looking and very honest horse. Wybren has had a recent allround vet check.
Prestatie en Sport: B/L Dressage


    Felle 422 ( stb sport )
  Alwin 469 ( stb sport )  
    Waldiena ( stb sport )
    Heinse 354 ( stb sport pref )
  Matsje ( stb ster )  
    Anke ( stb sport )